We are now accepting auction requests.


Dilene Rd. Plot close to spawn


For sale by: Lignum

Sold for: 5,807 KST

To 1lann (kqk2wqqrfr)

Product details

Claim dimensions
Width (X) 17m
Depth (Z) 19m
Area 323m²
(≈0.08 acres)
Claim location View in Dynmap

Visit this plot by typing /warp auction6 in SwitchCraft.

X 212 229
Z -94 -75


Time Address Username Amount Difference
kqk2wqqrfr 1lann 5,807 KST +57 KST
lemmmy@switchcraft.kst Lemmmy 5,750 KST +296 KST
k1j2mf9urb kotahu 5,454 KST +454 KST
lemmmy@switchcraft.kst Lemmmy 5,000 KST +3,990 KST
alexdevs@switchcraft.kst AlexDevs 1,010 KST +10 KST
k1j2mf9urb kotahu 1,000 KST 0 KST